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daemon for the Soprano RDF framework

Soprano is a pluggable RDF storage, parsing, and serialization framework based on Qt 4. Soprano is targeted at desktop applications that need to store RDF data. Its API has been optimized for simplicity and ease of use, while its modular structure allows it to use various different RDF storage implementations as its backend.

This package contains the Soprano daemon, D-Bus service, parser plugins, and a storage plugin for the Redland RDF Application Framework. This package is not intended to be neither directly installed nor used by end users. It will be installed automatically whenever needed.

Package version:2.5.0+dfsg.1-1


Soprano 2.3

Soprano (formally known as QRDF) is a library which provides a nice Qt
interface to RDF storage solutions. It has a modular structure which 
allows to  replace the actual RDF storage implementation used. 

Soprano has the following features:

* Full context (i.e. named graph) support
* Plugin structure for extensibility.
* Backend plugins for:
  - Redland
  - Sesame2
  - V


soprano (2.5.0+dfsg.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.

  [ Modestas Vainius ]
  * Make libsoprano4 Recommends in soprano-daemon strictly versioned.
  * Point debian/control Vcs fields to the new Git repository.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1: add/replace Conflicts with Breaks next to
    Replaces as needed.
  * Require cmake 2.6.2, not 2.6.8.
  * Switch to source format 3.


	* New public qHash method for Statement
	* New Node::fromN3 method and operator>> which allows to parse nodes from N3 encoding.
	* Updated NRL ontology namespace
	* New operator== for BindingSet
	* Ported the DBus service watching to QDBusServiceWatcher
	* Highly improved server socket handling in the local and tcp socket server implementation.
	* Several improvements in the Virtuoso backen


Soprano 2 TODO List

Add here what you want to add in Soprano

* threaded async inference: run infer


Daniele Galdi <>
Sebastian Trueg <>


This package was debianized by Sune Vuorela <> on
Fri,  4 May 2007 09:49:34 +0200.

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