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GTK based Run dialog

gRun is a GTK based Run dialog that closely resembles the Windows Run dialog, just like xexec. It has a intelligent history mechanism and a dual level fork() mechanism for launching the application in its own process. gRun also has support for launching console mode application in an XTerm as well as associations for file types.

gRun is much more powerful than xexec, looks a lot better, and has the big advantage that you can start typing a command without having to mouse-click into the text field.

gRun is especially useful if you do not use the GNOME desktop which has a built-in run command, and if you use a window-manager (e.g. IceWM) where you can define a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Alt-F2) for staring gRun.

Package version:0.9.3-1


gRun version 0.9.2 - (C) Southern Gold Development

WARNING - This is a development tree. For a stable version, using

Welcome to gRun, an advanced application launcher written in C and using
GTK for the interface. gRun includes features such as a history, command
completion from the history and from PATH, recognition of console mode
applications and launching a terminal for them, file exte


grun for Debian

The auto-completion of grun assumes that:
  * The entire input is the name of a command; the auto-completion of grun
    can't handle the arguments of a command correctly.  Note that executing
    a command with arguments works as long as the arguments are separated
    by a space and the name of the command does not contain any space
    (which is another wrong as


gRun news

31 January 1999

Switched to gettext for i18n
	Using gettext for i18n in gRun because of better configurabilty and
	ease of use.

15 January 1999

Added command preload
	This option, a command line parameter --preload, loads whatever follows
	on the command line into the entry box as the default command.

12 January 1999

Added absolute path completion
	If the first character of the com


GRUN(1x)                                                    GRUN(1x)

       gRun - X/GTK bas


grun (0.9.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New maintainer. Many thanks to oohara for all his previous


2008-01-12 Rodrigo Gallardo

	* Release 0.9.3
	This release includes most of the patches from the De


Dialogs for help and version information.

Extend file association database - gassoc



This package was debianized by Gustavo Noronha Silva <> on
Sat,  1 Jul 2001 11:19:48 -

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