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ClanLib game SDK runtime

ClanLib is a multi-platform software development kit, with an emphasis on game development.

On one side, it tries to provide a platform independent interface to write games with, by taking over the low-level work from the game and providing wrappers around toolkits such as DirectFB, DirectX, OpenGL, Vorbis, X11, etc., so that if a game is written with ClanLib, the game should compile on any platform supported by ClanLib without changing its source code.

On the other hand, ClanLib also tries to be a service-minded SDK. In other words, the developers have put great effort into designing the API, to ensure ClanLib's ease of use - while maintaining its power.

This is the runtime part of the ClanLib SDK, needed to run applications built with it.

Package version:1.0~svn3827-3


Welcome to ClanLib, a multi-platform game development library.

Getting started
PLEASE! Please read the INSTALL files for the platform/compiler you want to use.
See INSTALL.win32, INSTALL.linux, INSTALL.borland, INSTALL.whatever.

Upgrading from earlier ClanLib versions
If you are upgrading your ClanLib project from earlier 


Using ClanLib with Anjuta

1. Create a new project, this is done by selecting File->New Project and following the on screen wizard.  Be sure to select a the Generic/Terminal project type, and also set the programming language to c++.

2. Add an include path for clanlib.  Goto to Settings->Compiler and Linker Settings and select the Include Paths tab.  In the text box type in the path where ClanLib


Hello distribution maker,

If you happen to make any patches to these sources and think they should be
incorporated in our next release, don't hestitate to let us know.. we would
gladly apply any patches that improve ClanLib.

Note that there are several rpm specs in Setup/Unix/ 
(for the different distributions)

Best regards,
The ClanLib Team


Making a ClanLib project in KDevelop


In this version of ClanLib we have an experimental version of a classic software
2d display. We use 


This document describes how to port your game from an old ClanLib version to a new one.

Upgrading f


ClanLib ChangeLog

Version 1.0.0: Released April 2009
- Loads more bugs fixed



clanlib (1.0~svn3827-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Team upload.
  * Prepare for libjpeg8 transition.

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