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Tcl/Tk interface for Ruby 1.9.1

tcltklib is an extension library for Ruby 1.9.1. It makes Ruby 1.9.1 programs to be able to use low level interface for the Tcl/Tk.
Package version:


If you want to use Ruby/Tk (tk.rb and so on), you must have 
which is working correctly. When you have some troubles on compiling, 
please read README.tcltklib and README.ActiveTcl. 
Even if there is a on your Ruby library directry, it will not 
work without Tcl/Tk libraries (e.g. on your environment. 
You must also check that your Tcl/Tk is installed properly


ActiveTcl is ActiveState's quality-assured distribution of Tcl. 

# see <>
#     <>

First of all, please try to configure without any options.
"extconf.rb" searches ActiveTcl as default action.
If you have ActiveTcl and standard (or your own) Tcl/Tk on your
environment and don't want to use ActiveTcl on your Ruby/Tk, please
use --wit


Ruby/Tk does NOT support forking the process on which Tk interpreter
is running (unless NEVER control Tk interpreter under the forked child 
process). In the library 'tk.rb', a Tk interpreter is initialized. 
Therefore, if you want running Tk under a child process, please call
"require 'tk'" in the child process. 

# If do fork and exec(<new Ruby/Tk>) on the child process, you can 
# control Ruby/


* What's Ruby

Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and
easy object-oriented program


README		this file
multi-tk.rb	multiple Tk interpreter (included safe-Tk) support
remotei-tk.rb	contr


  *** for MacOS X Aqua (Tcl/Tk Aqua) users ***

First of all, please read README.tcltklib to use Tc


 [ tcllib extension support files ]

Tcllib includes many utilities. But currently, supports TKLib 


To compile 'tcltklib', you must have Tcl/Tk libraries on your environment. 
Although 'extconf.rb' sc

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Download libtcltk-ruby1.9.1_1.9.2.0-2_kfreebsd-i386.deb

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