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GUI program for Particle Image Velocimetry - MPI version

Gpiv is a Graphic User Interface program using the GTK/GNOME libraries for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The program gives a quick overview of the parameter settings of the processes and allows to change them easy, running the processes, individually or in a chain, visualizes and displays the results. The processes that may be invoked by Gpiv are:

Image processing: typical image manipulations that might be needed for PIV interrogation.

Image interrogation, resulting into estimators of particle image displacements.

Data validation to test on outliers, peak-locking effect and velocity gradients over the interrogation area's.

Data post-processing: data manipulation, spatial and time scaling to obtain a velocity field from the PIV data, calculation of spatial averages, vorticity and strain.

This is the parallelized version using Message Passing Interface to be used on a (Beowulf) cluster.

Package version:0.6.1-2


GPIV is a graphic user interface for analyzing images obtained from a
fluid flow that has been seeded with tracer particles by the so-called
Particle Image Velocimetry technique. It is meant to have a quick
overview of the parameters of all piv processes, easily changing them,
running the processes and visualizing their results in an interactive
way. It uses LIBGPIV, which contains the main routi


This is the gpiv ptogram with MPI enabled. It uses gpiv_rr from the 
gpivtools-mpi packages for image interrogation. Hence, the progress 
in the progress bar is not working, but the interrogation processing
can be monitored when gpiv is launched from the command line.

The Data Acquisition (DAC) feature, i.e. the triggering of light
sources (mostly Nd-YAGG lasers) with a camara and the recording o


GPIV(1)                                                      GPIV(1)

       gpiv - Analyzes images obtained from a fluid flow by Particle
       Image Velocimetry.

       gpiv [-? | --help] [--usage]  [--console_bins  BINS]  [--con‐
       sole_tooltips]      [--console_view_gpivbuttons]      [--con‐
       sole_view_tabulator]  [--display_background    INT]   [--dis‐


gpiv (0.6.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Repaired mpi.h dependency. Closes: #529994

 -- Gerber van


2009-04-8 Adrian Daer
	* src/display_image.c: repaired Debian bug #523010: gpiv: crashes with assert


This package was debianized by Gerber van der Graaf <> on
Wed, 5 N

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