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Biochemical Algorithms Library

BALL (Biochemical Algorithms Library) is an application framework in C++ that has been specifically designed for rapid software development in Molecular Modeling and Computational Molecular Biology. It provides an extensive set of data structures as well as classes for Molecular Mechanics, advanced solvation methods, comparison and analysis of protein structures, file import/export, and visualization. BALL is currently being developed in the groups of Oliver Kohlbacher (University of Tuebingen, Germany), Andreas Hildebrandt (Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany), and Hans-Peter Lenhof (Saarland University, Saarbruecken, Germany).

This package contains the view - independent parts of BALL (libBALL, data directories et al., except for libVIEW) and can be installed on machines without X11.

Package version:1.4.1+20111206-4


ball (1.4.1+20111206-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix compilation with g++ >= 4.7 (Closes: 674226) 
  * Updated policy to 3.9.3 (no changes required)

 -- Andreas Hildebrandt <>  Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:50:32 +0200

ball (1.4.1+20111206-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed "const" in .sip files (Closes: #653626)

 -- Steffen Moeller <>  Fri, 06 Jan 201


This package was debianized by Andreas Moll <> (2007)
and Andreas Hildebrandt <> (2008-2009), with some
assistance by Steffen Moeller <> and first completed
on Mon, 17 Aug 2009 16:49:06 +0200.

It was downloaded from

Main Upstream Authors: 

    Andreas Hildebrandt <>,

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