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problem report management system - client tools

GNATS is a bug-tracking tool designed for use at a central "Support Site". Users who experience problems use electronic mail to communicate these problems to "maintainers" at that Support Site.

GNATS offers many of the same features offered by more generalized databases, including editing, querying, and basic reporting. You can access the submitting, editing, and querying functions of GNATS through provided utilities or from within GNU Emacs.

The "gnats-user" package has just the user tools for client machines. For the full installation and the central database server use the "gnats" package.

If you prefer not to use either an nfs-mounted database or the client/server model, it is possible to make a distribution that works entirely over e-mail. For more information, see gnats-info and type 'g' (for goto) followed by 'mkdist'. This package is not necessary for email-only setups.

Package version:4.1.0-2


Using GNU GNATS via e-mail requires that the processing programs run under the
`gnats' user.  Ensuring this is strongly MTA and site-configuration dependent,
so the installation program doesn't try to configure it for you.  Please refer
to your MTA documentation how to enable do it.  As for Exim, the default Debian
MTA, you can add the line

  user = gnats

into the `system_aliases' section of you


gnats (4.0-4) experimental; urgency=low

  The Debian packaging for GNATS has undergone a huge booster shot, with an
  almost complete rewrite of the ./debian directory.  The package now brings
  to bear useful tools such as debhelper and cdbs for construction.  Patches
  were made to the files in the GNATS source itself in order to
  resolve the "incorrect paths" problems that has bee


GNATS 4.1.0, March 2005

This is GNATS 4.1.0, a release that incorporates multiple bug fixes
and enhancements that have been committed to CVS since the release of
GNATS 4.0.  Notable enhancements include:

- Upgrade to autoconf 2.59 generated configure scripts.
- New PR numbers are reported to the client upon new submissions
- Rewrite of install-sid.  Now, rather than ed


edit-pr(1)              GNATS User Utilities              edit-pr(1)

       edit-pr - edit a


query-pr(1)             GNATS User Utilities             query-pr(1)

       query-pr - query


.\" -*- nroff -*-
.\" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


databases(5)          GNATS configuration files         databases(5)

       databases - the 


gnats(7)          Problem Report Management System          gnats(7)

       gnats - Problem 

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Download gnats-user_4.1.0-2_mips.deb

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