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A single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation game.

Angband is a single-player, text-based, dungeon simulation derived from the game Moria, which was in turn based on Rogue. It is often described as a "roguelike" game because the look and feel of the game is still quite similar to Rogue.

Angband features many enhancements over Moria: unique foes, artifacts, monster pits and vaults to name a few. Many of these new creatures and objects are drawn from the writings of J.R.R Tolkien, although some of the monsters come straight from classical mythology, Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, or the minds of the original Angband coders.

The ultimate goal of the game is to develop a character strong enough to defeat Morgoth, who resides on dungeon level 100. Upon doing so, you will receive the exalted status of "winner" and your character may retire.

Angband is a reference to Morgoth's "prison of iron."

Morgoth was 'the Dark Enemy of Middle-Earth' during its First Age. He was banished by the Valar (offspring of Eru, "god" of J.R.R. Tolkien's world) at the end of the First Age and thus never appears in The Lord of the Rings, set during the Third Age. Sauron, who does figure into those tales, was the most powerful of his servants. Read Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion' for more on the legends of Middle-Earth.

Package version:1:3.1.2v2-2



This directory is empty by default. It is for 'spoiler' files, which contain
detailed information about the game. You can download these files from the 
internet, and place them in this directory to access them directly from the
in-game help system. Be warned that if you are a new player, using spoilers
may detract from your enjoyment of the game.


This is the Debian GNU/Linux prepackaged version of the rogue-like game
angband.  Angband has been written by several generations of
programmers over the years, and is derived from an earlier game called

This package was put together by Chris Carr <>, 
from sources retrieved from directories under 

Can't find your old save file?


Angband 3.1.0

Angband is a graphical dungeon adventure game that uses textual characters
to represent the walls and floors of a dungeon and the inhabitants therein, 
in the vein of games like NetHack and Rogue.  If you need help in-game,
press '?'.

For more information, somewhere to upload your characters and screenshots,
and discuss the game, try

If you'r


{yellow}                     _                _                     _ {/}


The Angband FAQ

Posted every other month on and kept 
up-to-date on the


ANGBAND(6)             Debian GNU/Linux manual            ANGBAND(6)

       angband  -  is a


angband (1:3.1.2v2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added missing build-depends on libglade2.0-dev.


List of bugs fixed in 3.1.2v2
 #931 Turn off pricing.log
#1029 Make "f

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