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library for validating mail senders with SPF

libspf2 implements the Sender Policy Framework, a part of the SPF/SRS protocol pair. libspf2 is a library which allows email systems such as Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Zmailer and MS Exchange to check SPF records and make sure that the email is authorized by the domain name that it is coming from. This prevents email forgery, commonly used by spammers, scammers and email viruses/worms.
Package version:1.2.9-7


libspf2 for Debian

Information and more recent versions of libspf2 are available from

Current SPF specifications can be found at

 -- Magnus Holmgren <>, Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:33:12 +0200


 * @file
 * @brief Description of libspf2
 * The contents of this file is extracted by the documentation
 * generator, and forms the front matter and introductory text to this 
 * manual. The documentation for this file is, therefore, apparently
 * empty.

 * @mainpage Introduction to libspf2

 * @par Recipes

An example client implementation is in spf_example.c with a little
more erro


libspf2 (1.2.9-7) unstable; urgency=high

  * Add postinst scripts that replace old documentation directories (from
    before 1.2.9-5) in libspf2-dev, libspf2-2-dbg and spfquery with
    symlinks (Closes: #687862, #687863, #687864). Thanks to Salvatore
    Bonaccorso <>.

 -- Magnus Holmgren <>  Sun, 23 Sep 2012 21:25:43 +0200

libspf2 (1.2.9-6) unstable; urgen


SPF_MAX_DNS_MECH is in multiple places
SPF_i_set_header_comment has a switch duplicated into spf_res


This package was debianized by Eric Dorland <> on
Sun, 04 Jul 2004 19:00:36 -0400


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