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program that searches for finite models of first-order statements

MACE is a program that searches for finite models of first-order and equational statements developed at Argonne National Laboratory.

This package includes ANLDP, which calls the propositional decision procedure at the core of MACE directly.

MACE serves as a complementary companion to OTTER, which searches for refutations of the same class of statement. In particular, if you have a first-order conjecture, OTTER will search for a proof, and MACE will search for a counterexample from the same input file.

Package version:3.3f-1


        Otter, Version 3.3    Search for Proofs
        Mace,  Version 2.2    Search for Countermodels

(Also see index.html in this directory.)


Over the years we've added many experimental features to Otter,
but the basic functions haven'


Ivy is a system that checks Otter proofs and MACE models.
Ivy is coded in ACL2 and many soundness metatheorems have
been proved about the various programs in Ivy.  See

Ivy-2 is the current version.  Otter-3.0.6 and MACE-1.3.4
come bundled with Ivy-2.  If you wish to have Ivy-2 call Otter-3.3
and MACE-2. instead, you can do so by updating 2 Ivy file


This directory contains an example of a Perl program that
calls MACE.

File Sheffer-mgi-without-mirrors contains Boolean algebra
identities alpha=x in terms of the Sheffer stroke.  Every such,
identity of length <= 15, or its mirror image, is subsumed by a
member of that file.

The Perl program commute4_filter goes through a file of
equations (one equation per line) and calls MACE for each,


On a UNIX system, you should be able to run all of the tests
with the following command.

  % ./Run_


Examples for a fixed domain size.


Examples that iterate through domain sizes.


Examples on the relationships between various varieties of lattice.


Propositional examples for anldp.

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