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IP over IP Encapsulation Daemon

This daemon provides an alternative to the kernel-resident support for IP encapsulation links. It is better suited for situations where there are many encapsulation connections to be managed, such as is the case for amateur radio interconnection of network 44. Also, because the daemon is outside the kernel, it provides an excellent environment for experimenting with alternate mechanisms for distributing encapsulation routing updates.

If you need one encapsulation link, use the kernel's built-in support. If you need a lot of encapsulation links, give this daemon a try.

Package version:1.1.9


This is the IP over IP encapsulation daemon.  It is an alternative to the
kernel's native encapsulation support when dealing with more than a few
encapsulation pipes.  It's much easier to update the ipip daemon's routing
table than to have to configure and route a bunch of different interfaces in
the kernel.

The daemon was written by Mike Westerhof, and has been maintained since 1992
by Bdale Gar


The machine runs a "bent pipe" ipip router.  The machine runs a serial link to a Gracilis switch, a tunnel driver 
interface to the local protocol stack, and ipip back to

The munge script in the directory is worth a look-see for net-44
gateway sysops!



IPIP(1)                                                      IPIP(1)

       ipip - an IP over IP encapsulation daemon


       This is a user-space daemon that supports encapsulation of IP
       over IP.  Modern Linux kernels provide this  ability  in  the
       kernel, but consume an interface per encapsulated link.  This
       can be impractical for vi


ipip (1.1.9) unstable; urgency=low

  * add Vcs entries to the control file
  * move gbp.conf to .gi


This package was originally written by Mike Westerhof for SunOS.  Bdale Garbee
ported it to HP-UX an

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Download ipip_1.1.9_mips.deb

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