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multi-protocol instant messaging client (base files)

Licq is an instant messaging client daemon that supports a number of interfaces via plug-ins, primarily KDE or Qt, but also console, and several utility plug-ins. Included in this package is support for AIM and ICQ. Support for MSN and Jabber is available as separate plug-ins.

Implemented features include messaging, chat, file transfer, whitepages, history, invisible list, server-side stored contacts, typing notification, phone book, user pictures, proxy support, user groups, network monitor window, themed docking skin and icon pack support, FIFO support for remote control, international support with Unicode and translations, per-user customized auto responses, SSL secure client to client connections and GPG encrypted messages.

At least one plug-in is required for Licq to function. The plug-ins are distributed in separate packages named "licq-plugin-*".

Package version:1.6.1-3


LICQ v1.6.1

An ICQ clone written in C and C++ using a plugin system to allow for
many possible interfaces.
See the webpage ( for more information.
Licq implements messages (online and offline), urls, chat, full file
transfer, gui configuration (with the qt4-gui plugin), history as
well as a number of other features.


This program is licensed under the terms of the GN


Licq for Debian

If you are using a plug-in package other than licq-plugin-qt4, you will
need to either edit your ~/.licq/licq.conf file to specify which one
you want to start with, or start licq with the option "-p <pluginname>",
e.g., if you were using the package licq-plugin-console, but not the qt
package, start licq with "licq -p console".

 -- Peter Eisentraut, 2004-10-03



  There is a file called licq_fifo in the base directory, typically
  ~/.licq.  This is a special device called a FIFO
  (for First-In-First-Out).  You can write to this file just like 
  any other file, although typically one uses 
  echo something > licq_fifo. 

  The <"> is used for quoting. 
  Escape Sequences: (only valid in a quoted string)
    \n	NL
    \t	h tab



Licq now supports GPG for encrypted messages. The latest GPGME version 


Licq OpenSSL Support

Licq now supports Secure Socket Layer connections between
clients allowing for


LICQ(1)                                                      LICQ(1)

       licq - ICQ clien


licq (1.6.1-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add lintian override for hardening-no-fortify-functions


Change log for Licq.

New in 1.6.1
o Save user list when adding a Not In List user to list
o ICQ: Fi

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