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simple Python binding to the Linux inotify

inotifyx is a Python extension providing access to the Linux inotify file system event notification API. It is primarily written in C but has some Python window dressing

inotifyx exists as an alternative to the much known pyinotify bindings

Reasons you might choose inotifyx over pyinotify * inotifyx is a C extension and does not use ctypes, making it faster and less prone to subtle breakage due to changes in the inotify API * inotifyx is a much thinner wrapper around inotify. pyinotify is more complicated. It does provide features that inotifyx does not, but many of them are not needed by most applications * The API provided by pyinotify seems to change in incompatible ways on a fairly regular basis and with little justification. inotifyx has a simple API that will change rarely, if ever.

Package version:0.2.0-1


inotifyx is a simple Python binding to the Linux inotify file system event
monitoring API.

Documentation is provided in the module.  To get help, start an interactive
Python session and type:

>>> import inotifyx
>>> help(inotifyx)

You can also test out inotifyx easily.  The following command will print events
for /tmp:

  python -m inotifyx /tmp

Tests can be run via

  ./ tes


inotifyx (0.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream Release 
  * [63bfabd] add comress for changelogs
  * [b48aae1] update debian/watch for launchpad hosting
  * [de64451] Switch to dh_python2.
    Thanks to Barry  Warsaw (Closes: 633911)
  * [41164bf] drop html docs
  * [caee400] drop epydoc doc generation
  * [c106e5e] drop python-epydoc from build-dep
  * [e3ba5ee] add build-arch and bui


inotifyx Release Notes

.. contents::

inotifyx 0.2.0 2011-07-09

 * The distutils option "download_url" is now specified.  This should fix
   problems using pip, zc.buildout, and other tools that rely on PyPI for
   package downloads to install inotifyx.  Thanks to Dariusz Suchojad for
   the report.
   (Forest Bond)

 * ino


This package was debianized by Ritesh Raj Sarraf <> on
Wed, 27 May 2009 00:13:26 +

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