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PAM module allowing authentication via an /etc/passwd-like file

This PAM module lets you use an arbitrarily-named text file similar in structure to /etc/passwd to authenticate users. It supports libc's crypt plus md5crypt with a broken md5 and Digital UNIX's bigcrypt.
Package version:0.99-5


README for pam_pwdfile PAM module - Charl P. Botha <>
$Id: README,v 1.12 2003/12/20 19:21:19 cpbotha Exp $

This is version 0.99 of pam_pwdfile.

This pam module can be used for the authentication service only, in cases
where one wants to use a different set of passwords than those in the main
system passwo


libpam-pwdfile for Debian

This module allows one to authenticate users via an arbitrary password file.
The file follows the same format as /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, although only
the first two fields are required.  In other words, each entry should start at
the beginning of a line and use the following format:


The following command pro


libpam-pwdfile (0.99-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Maintainer (Closes: #588877)
  * debian/patches/regular_crypt: Use libc's crypt in the regular way to
    support newer crypt types, esp. SHA2 based ones.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3.
  * Bump dh compat level to 9.
  * Enable Multi-Arch.
  * Use source/format 3.0 (quilt).
  * Move Makefile.Debian to debian/Makefile 

 -- Timo Weingärt


changelog for pam_pwdfile PAM module - Charl P. Botha <>
$Id: changelog,v 1.20 2003/


This package was debianized by Michael-John Turner <> on
Tue,  7 Dec 1999 12:02:43 +020

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