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Configurable UPS monitoring daemon

Assuming you have a relay-based "dumb" UPS that corresponds with your machine via a serial connection, you should be able to configure powstatd in just a few minutes. It is easily configured, and can be expected to support most "dumb" UPS supplies.

UPS models known to work: CyberPower PowerSL series CyberPower Power2000 1500VA CyberPower Power99 325VA, 400VA, 500VA and 720VA Some older CyberPower 385VA and 450VA models TrippLite Internet Office 500 UPS Various older APC units.

Powstatd can also be configured to allow a master machine to control (Via a network connection) up to 20 (by default) additional slave machines connected to the same UPS. This allows you to run several machines off the same UPS, with only one of the machines actually reading the UPS status over the serial line. This version of powstatd uses secure cryptography to communicate between master and slave(s), replacing the older powstatd-crypt Debian package.

Package version:1.5.1-7


powstatd for Debian

Powstatd for Debian came in two favours prior to version 1.5.1-3: the
regular powstatd package and the powstatd-crypt package which encrypted
communication between master and slave (when many computers are connected
to the power supply of a UPS, but only one of them is connected to the
serial line and knows when a shutdown should be done because of a power



Description: Configurable UPS monitoring daemon

Assuming you have a relay-based "dumb" UPS that signals your computer
via a serial connection, you should be able to configure powstatd in
just a few minutes.

Powstatd is known to run with a variety of Cyberpower UPS supplies
(Power99 325VA, 400VA, 500VA and 720VA, Power2000 1500VA, and some
older 385VA and 450VA models) and various older APC units


POWSTATD(8)      Linux System Administrator's Manual     POWSTATD(8)

       powstatd - a configurable UPS monitor.

       powstatd [ -t | -k ]

       powstatd  is a configurable UPS monitoring daemon designed to
       work with SysVinit (e.g., most Linux distributions).

       powstatd monitors  a  serial  connection  from  a  "dumb"  or
       "relay"  UPS  for  p


powstatd (1.5.1-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Debconf translations:
    - Japanese, thanks to Hideki


v1.5 (March 1, 2001)
	added signaling capability to handle some older UPS
	fixed timestamping bug (W


This package was debianized by Peter S Galbraith on
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 11:37:55 -0400.


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