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Firewall administration tool GUI (debugging symbols)

Firewall Builder consists of an object-oriented GUI and a set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. In Firewall Builder, firewall policy is a set of rules, each rule consists of abstract objects which represent real network objects and services (hosts, routers, firewalls, networks, protocols). Firewall Builder helps the user maintain a database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations.

This package ships the debugging symbols of fwbuilder.

Package version:5.1.0-3


fwbuilder (5.1.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * generation of firewall was missing due to the removal of fwblookup
    Merci beaucoup à Roland Mas (Closes: #678006)

 -- Sylvestre Ledru <>  Tue, 19 Jun 2012 11:38:33 +0200

fwbuilder (5.1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * ACK NMU (thanks)
  * Fix the FTBFS under HURD

 -- Sylvestre Ledru <>  Sun, 17 Jun 2012 22


2012-03-21  Vadim Kurland  <>

	* running autoconf, configure as part of windows build. Merged
	qmake .pro and .inc files for Windows, Mac and Linux builds. Moved
	files needed for Windows and Mac packaging to the "packaging"

2012-03-19  Vadim Kurland  <>

	* version 5.1.0
	* switching to GPL for Mac OS X and Windows.

2012-03-18  Vadim Kurland 


This package was debianized by Jeremy T. Bouse <> on
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:26:21 -0500.

It was downloaded from

Copyright: Copyright (C) 2001-2008 NetCitadel, LLC

It may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL, Version 2 or
later, found on Debian systems in the file /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2.

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