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flexible build script for package collections

Jhbuild is a program that can be used to pull a number of modules from Git, CVS, Subversion, Bazaar and other types of repositories or from tarballs and build them in the correct order. Unlike some build scripts, jhbuild lets you specify what modules you want built and it will then go and build those modules plus dependencies.

Although jhbuild was originally developed to build GNOME, it has since been extended to work with other projects as well. Extending it to handle new modules is usually trivial assuming the build infrastructure matches the other modules it handles.

Package version:3.4.0-1


This is not for the kids!

JHBuild offers a mean to pull the latest software and the latest bugs
from upstream source repositories.  In particular, it will expose the
build failures that plenty of GNOME modules have at some time.

You should NOT use JHBuild if you do not know how to deal with these
failures.  This tool is aimed at developers who need the latest version



JHBuild is a tool designed to ease building collections of source
packages, called “modules”.

JHBuild was originally written for building GNOME, but has since been
extended to be usable with other projects.

JHBuild requires Python >= 2.3

Installing JHBuild

Refer to the 'Getting Started' section of the JHBuild manual:

  yelp /jhb


Version 3.4.0

Fixed bugs:

 - #634985, Tilde character in .jhbuildrc is misinterpreted
 - #650533, Make notifications less annoying
 - #654555, Don't have two ways to be installed
 - #654686, parallel make by default
 - #654872, Delete no longer shipped files at install time
 - #655164, All tests were broken by recent changes
 - #655688, Improve error message when comm


jhbuild (3.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Build-depend on yelp-tools in


# jhbuild - a tool to ease building collections of source packages
# Copyright (C) 2008  Igalia S.L.


# jhbuild - a tool to ease building collections of source packages
# Copyright (C) 2008  Frederic Pe


James Henstridge  <>


This package was debianized by Loïc Minier <> on
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 21:16:05 +0100 for D

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