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Optimizing compiler for Standard ML - native runtime libraries

MLton is a whole-program optimizing compiler for Standard ML. MLton generates standalone executables with excellent runtime performance, is SML 97 compliant, and has a complete basis library. MLton has source-level profiling, a fast C FFI, an interface to the GNU multiprecision library, and lots of useful libraries.

This metapackage depends on native target libraries.

Package version:20100608-5


mlton (20100608-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Newest gcc and binutils fix mips[el] jump problem
   * Uploaded mips[el] bootstrap packages as 20100608-4
   * Build-Depend on newest gcc and binutils
   * Removed explicit-relocs patch
  * Include a diffs to current release head
   * Necessary for 8-bit aligned MIPS read/writes
   * Increase heap-size for mips post-alignment
  * Building armel on debi


Here are the changes from version 2010608 to version YYYYMMDD.

* 2011-06-14
   - Fixed bug in SSA/SSA2 shrinker that could erroneously turn a
     non-tail function call with a Bug transfer as its continuation
     into a tail function call.

* 2011-06-10
   - Fixed bug in translation from SSA2 to RSSA with case expressions
     over non-primitive-sized words.
   - Fixed bug in SSA/SSA2 type chec


Now maintained by "Wesley W. Terpstra (Debian)" <>.
This package was debianized by Stephen Weeks <>.
The original debianization was done by Barak Pearlmutter <>.

Upstream Authors:

   To send a comment, question, or bug report to MLton's authors, use

MLton's copyright is held in part by the

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