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A game where you control a marble with the mouse

Enigma is a puzzle game similar to Oxyd on the Atari ST or Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga and good old Marble Madness. It also has Sokoban levels, and some interesting twists on the original sokoban concept.

In Enigma, your objective is to locate and uncover matching pairs of Oxyd stones. Simple as it sounds, this task is made more difficult by the fact that Oxyd stones tend to be hidden, inaccessible or protected by unexpected traps. Overcoming these obstacles often requires a lot of dexterity and wit (and can be quite addictive).

This package contains the game engine.

Package version:1.10~~pre-alpha+r2236-1


About Enigma

Enigma is a unique puzzle game, with influences from almost every game
genre.  Your objective is easily explained: you control a small black
marble with your mouse and have to find and uncover all pairs of
identical Oxyd stones in each landscape.  Simple? Yes.  Easy? It would
be, if it weren't for hidden traps, vast mazes, insurmountable
obstacles and innumerable puzzles


ENIGMA(6)                      Enigma                      ENIGMA(6)

       enigma - Puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd

       enigma [options] [levelfile.xml] ...
       enigma  [--assert]  [-d  path]  [--help]  [-l  lang]  [--log]
       [--nograb]  [--nomusic]  [--nosound]  [-p  file]  [--showfps]
       [--version] [-w] [levelfile.xml] ...

       The  object of the 


enigma (1.10~~pre-alpha+r2236-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream checkout. No release on the horizon, but well playable.
  * Acknowledge NMUs. Thank you!
  * Drop suggest on enigma-level-previews which are not available for 1.10
  * Update policy version, no changes.

 -- Erich Schubert <>  Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:47:22 +0200

enigma (1.10~~pre-alpha+r2210-1.3) unstable; urgenc


Changes in Version 1.01

User-Visible changes

    - 60


Please refer to the documentation for a complete list of contributors.


This package was debianized by Erich Schubert <> on
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 00:14:45 +0200.

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