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Documentation tool for annotated Haskell source code

Haddock is a tool for automatically generating documentation from annotated Haskell source code. It is primary intended for documenting libraries, but it should be useful for any kind of Haskell code.

Haddock lets you write documentation annotations next to the definitions of functions and types in the source code, in a syntax that is easy on the eye when writing the source code (no heavyweight mark-up). The documentation generated by Haddock is fully hyperlinked: click on a type name in a type signature to go straight to the definition, and documentation, for that type.

Haddock can generate documentation in multiple formats; currently HTML is implemented, and there is partial support for generating DocBook.

This package contains Haddock version 2.10.0.

Package version:7.4.1-4


HADDOCK(1)         Haddock documentation generator        HADDOCK(1)

       haddock  -  documentation  tool  for annotated Haskell source

       haddock [options] file...

       This manual  page  documents  briefly  the  haddock  command.
       Extensive documentation is available in various other formats
       including DVI, PostScript and HTML; s


ghc (7.4.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Erik de Castro Lopo ]
  * Add debian/patches/fix-PPC-right-shift-bug which fixes upstream GHC bug: (Closes: #677591)
  * Refresh other patches.
  * debian/contol: Add myself to uploaders and set DM-Upload-Allowed to yes.

  [ Joachim Breitner ]
  * debian/patches/no-useless-timer: Backported from GHC 7.4.2


This package was debianised by Ian Lynagh <> on
Sat, 07 Jun 2003. It was based on Michael Weber <>'s
ghc5 package. All of the Debian packaging scripts written by us are
released into the public domain.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Authors: The GHC team
    Simon Peyton Jones	<>
    Simon Marlow	<simonmar@

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