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Python-embedding module for Apache 2

The mod_python module supports web applications written in Python. Because the parser is embedded in the server as an Apache module, it will run much faster than traditional CGI.

This package is built for the current Python version.

Package version:3.3.1-9+b3


libapache2-mod-python for Debian

This package has been split into several components:
libapache2-mod-python - module for currently supported python version
libapache2-mod-python-doc - documentation for this package (to avoid duplication of the
~700k uncompressed of docs in the archive).

The HTML documentation can now be found at:


This is the Mod_Python README file. It consists of the following parts:

1. Getting Started
2. Flex
3. New in 3.3
4. New in 3.0
5. Migrating from Mod_Python 2.7.8
6. OS Hints

1. Getting Started

See the HTML documentation in the doc-html directory for installation
instructions and documentation.

If you can't read instructions:

	$ ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/sbin/apxs

	$ make


Jan  29 2007 - 3.3.1 is being tagged

Dec   9 2006 -  3.3.0b is being tagged

Aug   7 2006 - 3.2.10 released

July 19 2006 -  3.2.10 is being tagged from branches/3.2.x

July 19 2006 -  The public release of 3.2.9 is being abandoned due to some
                recently reported memory leaks. Although 3.2.9 is ready for
		release, it is felt that it is prudent to address these now
		and proceed imm


libapache2-mod-python (3.3.1-9+b3) sid; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for mipse


This package was debianized by Peter Hawkins <> on
Wed Nov 27 22:20:47 EST 2002.


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