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headers and documentation for the Bobcat library

Headers and documentation of classes defined in the Bobcat library.

The Bobcat library contains a variety of C++ classes and templates, some of them based on well-known Design Patterns. The library offers classes handling, e.g., Child Processes, Forks, Pipes and Redirection Command-to-Function associations Command-line arguments Command-line editing using streams Configuration Files Decryption and Encryption Extended String Operations Hash-tables Integers of unlimited size File-descriptor based streams (e.g. handle sockets using streams) Mail headers and mail filtering (milters) Message Digests Pattern matching Single (Direct) Key Input Syslog- and other kinds of messages Temporary files Universal Type Conversions (Templates)

The libbobcat-dev package contains the static library as well as header files and manual pages of the Bobcat classes and templates.

Package version:3.01.00-1+b1


When using the X11 library (which may be implied, e.g., when linking the GTK
library) in combination with Bobcat, make sure the X11 library is passed to
the linker before the bobcat library is specified.

E.g., use -lX11 -lbobcat

If the bobcat library is specified before the X11 library the following 
stand-in functions defined in the bobcat library will be used:



The following diagram shows the class dependencies. Classes listed on the same
line have no mutual dependencies. Classes listed on lines starting with the
digit 0 are not depenent on other bobcat classes. Then, diagrams showing
dependencies of other classes. Dependencies should be read upwards, e.g.,
String depends on A2x, Hostname depends on Hostent and Errno.

Dependencies refer to the construct


FnWrap: new implementation (as of Bison 2.15.00)

FnWrap's new implementation reduces its size to slightly less than 50% of its
previous size: from over 415 lines to 200.

What follows is a description of its inner workings. All function
implementations are given as in-class implementations. In Bobcat's FnWrap
class all implementations were moved out of the the class interfaces, keeping
the interf



                             Brokken's Own Base


Currently immovable classes, hence classes using them will not offer move



When using the milter library in combination with Bobcat, make sure the milter
library is passed to 


The `build' script uses -O3 as one of its compiler flags. Why -O3 and not -O2?
(See also changelog 


This file contains a description of the operations of the Process::operator|
function. There is an a

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