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A general-purpose genetic algorithm package

PGAPack is a general-purpose, data-structure-neutral, parallel genetic algorithm package being developed at Argonne National Laboratory.

This package contains a shared and a static library configured for serial 'single-cpu' processing. The static library also contains debugging information. The sibbling package pgapack-lam is configured for LAM/MPI parallel processing.

This version is configured for single-cpu serial processing. The libpgapack-mpi1 package contains the library for distributed programming.

Package version:1.1-2


pgapack (1.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * man/man?/*: Modified numerous manual pages by splitting (non-standard)
    multi-line NAME entries off into an initial line and a DESCRIPTION.
    While this departs slightly from the recently created upstream tarball,
    it allows us to addresses the old open bug report.	(Closes: #241916)

  * debian/control: Updated Standards-Version: to current versio


This is the Debian GNU/Linux prepackaged version of PGAPack. PGAPack
was written by David Levine with programming assistance of
participants in Argonne National Laboratory's SERS program.

This package was initially put together by Karl Sackett <>,
from sources obtained from:

It was then maintained by Andreas Franzen, and

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