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graphical read alignment viewer for short gene sequences

Maqview is graphical read alignment viewer. It is specifically designed for the Maq alignment file and allows you to see the mismatches, base qualities and mapping qualities. Maqview is nothing fancy as Consed or GAP, but just a simple viewer for you to see what happens in a particular region.

In comparison to tgap-maq, the text-based read alignment viewer writen by James Bonfield, Maqview is faster and takes up much less memory and disk space in indexing. This is possibly because tgap aims to be a general-purpose viewer but Maqview fully makes use of the fact that a Maq alignment file has already been sorted. Maqview is also efficient in viewing and provides a command-line tool to quickly retrieve any region in an Maq alignment file.

Package version:0.2.5-4


maqview for Debian

The Perl files and which are part of the
source distribution are not installed in the binary package because
there is no sign that these are actually used and there is no
documentation which gives some hint about these files.  Just drop the
package maintainer a note if the files are needed.

The same holds true for the Java MaqD


M.A.Q. Viewer

1 ... install
2 ... zrio
3 ... maqindex
4 ... maqindex_socks
5 ... maqview

1, install maqview

MAQViewer has been successly installed in linux and cygwin.
$> tar -xzf maqview-XXX.tar.gz
$> cd maqview
$> ./
$> ./configure
$> make

Or you can try:
$> cd maqview
$> make -f Makefile.generic

2, zrio Random Access GZ File

Store points in every span of uncompressed source file


Beta Release 0.2.3 (17 March 2008)

Another bug in maqindex gets fixed.

(0.2.3: 15 March 2008, r547)

Beta Release 0.2.2 (15 March 2008)

This is mainly a bugfix release.

(0.2.2: 15 March 2008, r541)

Beta Release 0.2.1 (06 December, 2007)

Notable changes in this release include:



MAQVIEW(1)              Bioinformatics Tools              MAQVIEW(1)

       Maqview - Maq al


maqview (0.2.5-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/watch: call debian/get-orig-source
  * debian/ge


r544 | ruanjue | 2008-03-15


Upstream-Name: MaqView

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