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Fast Light Window Manager

Flwm is an attempt to combine the best ideas from several window managers. The primary influence and code base is from wm2 by Chris Cannam. Primary features copied from wm2 are:

- Does not look like Windows. - Nifty sideways title bars. - No icons. You deiconify by picking off a pop-up menu. This means no space is wasted by icons. - Really small and fast code.

It is enhanced by the author's own further nutty ideas:

- Does not use shape extension, more standard resize handles. - Occupies as little screen space as possible. The border and titles are as thin as you could possibly make them. And maximized windows waste only 15 pixels horizontally and zero (count'em) pixels vertically! - Independent maximize buttons for width & height, close button. - Understands Motif, KDE, and GNOME window manager hints. - Multiple desktops, controlled from the same menu as the icons.

Package version:1.02+cvs20080422-9


flwm Version 0.25

How to compile flwm:

You need fltk.  If you do not have it yet, download it from, and compile and install it.

To customize flwm (for instance to turn on click-to-type), edit the
config.h file.

Type "./configure" (not necessary i


flwm(1)                                                      flwm(1)

       flwm - The Fast Light Window Manager

       flwm  [-d[isplay] host:n.n] [-g[eometry] WxH+X+Y] [-fg color]
       [-bg color] [-bg2 color]

       flwm is a very small and fast X window manager, featuring  no
       icons and "sideways" title bars.

.xinitrc / .xsession
       To  run  flwm  a


flwm (1.02+cvs20080422-9) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Maintainer (Closes: #622165)
  * Spell "Windows" correctly and neutral in the package description.
  * Fix lintian warning debian-rules-missing-recommended-target.
  * Add abort-on-upstream-changes and unapply-patches to
    debian/source/local-options as source format 3.0 stubbornly does not
    allow to put it into debian/source/options


This package was debianized by Tommi Virtanen <> on
Tue,  9 Mar 1999 14:18:03 +0200.

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Download flwm_1.02+cvs20080422-9_mipsel.deb

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