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source code documentation tool

It is difficult to keep documentation in sync with source code. One of the reasons is that documentation and source code are stored in separate files that usually also require different editors to edit them. ROBODoc solves this problem. Specially formatted documentation headers are extracted from source files, reformatted in HTML, XML DocBook, TROFF, ASCII, LaTeX, PDF, or RTF, and stored in a different file. This way ROBODoc allows you to include your documentation in the source code. You can edit the source code as well as the documentation in a single file with your favourite editor. This makes it easier to keep your documentation in sync with your source code.

ROBODoc can be used to document functions, methods, classes, variables, makefile entries, system tests, and anything else you can think of.

ROBODoc works with C, C++, Fortran, Perl, shell scripts, Assembler, DCL, DB/C, Tcl/Tk, Forth, Lisp, COBOL, Occam, Basic, HTML, and any other language that supports remarks/comments.

Package version:4.99.40-1


$Id: README,v 1.51 2010/05/02 20:16:14 gumpu Exp $

ROBODoc Version 4.99.40 May 2010.

ROBODoc is program documentation tool. The idea is to include for
every function or procedure a standard header containing all
sorts of information about the procedure or function.  ROBODoc
extracts these headers from the source file and puts them in a
separate autodocs-file.  ROBODoc thus allows you to include 


robodoc for Debian

Have a look at the source (in the source-package, "apt-get source robodoc") 
and its comments.
That's the best example for ROBODoc.

 -- Dennis Stampfer <>, Sun,  1 Feb 2004 16:48:54 +0100


ROBODoc(1)                                                ROBODoc(1)

       ROBODoc - Extract documentation from source code.

       robodoc --src <source> --doc <destination> [options]

       ROBODoc  extracts  specially  formated documentation from the
       source code.  It allows you to maintain  a  program  and  its
       documentation in a single file.



robohdrs(1)                                              robohdrs(1)

       robohdrs - inser


robodoc (4.99.40-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
  * Update download location in 


# vi: spell ff=unix ft=none

May 2010 - V4.99.40
  o Applied a fix by Luis Alejandro Muzzachiodi to 


o Internationilization

o Implement Scripting interface with Lua.

o Document Scripting interface.



This package was debianized by Ben Armstrong <> on
Tue,  5 Sep 2000 17:39

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