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Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator

atlc is a computer aided design (CAD) package for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines and directional couplers of totally arbitrary cross section and an arbitrary number of different dielectrics.

By analysis, it is assumed one requires finding the electrical properties of a transmission line or coupler, where the physical dimensions of the device are known. By design, it is assumed one requires a transmission line or coupler to have certain electrical properties and one wishes to find how to physically realise such a structure

atlc likely to be of use to radio amateurs, professional RF engineers, students and academics.

More information on atlc is available at

Package version:4.6.1-1


atlc - Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator.

Program for analysing arbitrary transmission lines and directional
couplers. See HTML documentation in docs/html-docs

IMPORTANT - if altc won't compile on your system, configure with the 
option --without-hardware-info. It should then compile. 


Unless atlc is configured with the --disable-hardware-info option 
(only do this if it fails to compile properly), a small benchmark at the end 
tries to gather information about the hardware. The following shows 
what information is obtained on each system. 

If anyone can add to the information gathered on a system, or add
information on a new system, please email me and discuss how to 
do this.


Want to help with atlc? Here's how. 

1) First of all, please test atlc on your platform. Let me know
if it passes or fails and if possible give me the output
of a log file 
configure > log
make >> log
make check >> log

and send me the log 

2) If anyone can write any code to obtain information about
hardware on any systems, it would be much appreciated. 
The format should be very clear form the 


'atlc' *did* have C code to allow it to use the Message Passing Interface (MPI),
which whould allow 


Whenever possible support will be provided free of charge as soon as
possible for any amaateur or co


This file is README.threads

Prior to verison 4.5.1, atlc could be configured to use 


The file atlc.pdf is a copy of a paper I wrote describing a very early version of
this programme in 


NEWS for realease 4.6.0  Nobember 2003.

This is a very different from the last release (4.5.1) in

Browse inside atlc_4.6.1-1_powerpc.deb

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Download atlc_4.6.1-1_powerpc.deb

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