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a boat racing game

Bloboats is an arcade-like boat racing game in the hybrid spirit of Mario-like platform jumpers and elasto mania / xmoto.

The objective of Bloboats is to reach MS Enterprise as fast as possible to save if from the hands of the terrible Tentacle Monsters of an Unknown Master and the same time beat your friend and laugh at his or her puny time.

The journey starts from a place called Tutorial, somewhere in the United States, and somehow the player ends up in the famous HV-Arena of Helsinki. During the trip a number of MS Enterprises are saved, luckily, from the hands of the terrible Tentacle Monsters of an Unknown Master, who actually is your dad. Or then ain't. :-)

Package version:1.0.1.dsfg-3


= Bloboats 1.0.1.dsfg-1 =

Audio files had been remove from the original tarball. We did this because
they failed §6 DFSG.

 Gonéri Le Bouder <>  Tue, 17 Oct 2006 16:25:50 +0200


Bloboats 1.0.1 by Markus "MakeGho" Kettunen <>,

1. Babble babble
2. Installation and configuring
  2.1. Unix-like systems
  2.2. Windows
  2.3. Configuration files
3. Credits
4. Controls & stuff
  4.1. Menu keys           (How do I delete that player or recording?!)
  4.2. In-game keys        (What are the default keys?!)
  4.3. Flags               (Is there


BLOBOATS(6)                                              BLOBOATS(6)

       blobloats — A Boat racing game

       Bloboats  is  a boat game in the spirit of Elasto Mania or X-
       Moto, introducing a handful of elements from Super Mario Bros
       -like games.

       This manual page documents briefly the blobloats.

       This  manual  page  was  written  for the De


bloboats (1.0.1.dsfg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add a watch file
  * Update upstr


This package was debianized by Gonéri Le Bouder <> on
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 21:33:20 

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