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Generates LaTeX code from literate Haskell sources

lhs2TeX includes the following features:

Different styles to process your source file: for instance, "tt" style uses a monospaced font for the code while still allowing you to highlight keywords etc, whereas "poly" style uses proportional fonts for identifiers, handles indentation nicely, is able to replace binary operators by mathematical symbols and take care of complex horizontal alignments.

Formatting directives, which let you customize the way certain tokens in the source code should appear in the processed output.

A liberal parser that can handle most of the language extensions; you don't have to restrict yourself to Haskell 98.

Preprocessor-style conditionals that allow you to generate different versions of a document from a single source file (for instance, a paper and a presentation).

Active documents: you can use Haskell to generate parts of the document (useful for papers on Haskell).

A manual explaining all the important aspects of lhs2TeX.

Package version:1.17-1


LHS2TEX(1)                  User Commands                 LHS2TEX(1)

       lhs2TeX - a literate Haskell to (La)TeX code translator

       lhs2TeX [options] file

       This  tool  takes as its input a literate Haskell source file
       (Bird-style or LaTeX-style or even  a  combination  thereof),
       and  produces output, which, depending on the STYLE selected


lhs2tex (1.17-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Erik de Castro Lopo ]
  * New upstream.
  * debian/control:
    - Standards version 3.9.2 (no changes required).
    - Added myself to uploaders. Added DM-Upload-Allowed: yes.
  * debian/patches/ :
    - Disable patches no-utf8-string.patch and add-typesig (in upstream).
    - Refresh patches/no-n-plus-k-pattern.
    - Add Dep3 info to patches/no-n-plus-


Changes (w.r.t. lhs2TeX 1.16)

* Cabal-1.10 support

* Fix for file permissions problem of installed files

* Several improvements to the documentation


Features planned for 2.0

* Finish the manual.

* Formatting directives par


This package was debianized by John Goerzen <> on
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 09:50:20 -06

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