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small SSL library optimized for embedded systems (development files)

MatrixSSL is an embedded SSL implementation designed for small footprint devices and applications requiring low overhead per connection. The library is less than 50K on disk with cipher suites. It includes SSLv3 server support, session resumption, and implementations of RSA, 3DES, ARC4, SHA1, and MD5. The source is well documented and contains portability layers for additional operating systems, cipher suites, and crypto providers.

See for more information.

Package version:1.8.8-1


libmatrixssl-dev for Debian

matrixssl compiled against the glibc is available as static and shared
libraries through /usr/lib/, the include file is installed in /usr/include/.

matrixssl compiled against the diet libc (on architectures the dietlibc is
available for) is installed in /usr/lib/diet/lib/, and so automatically
found when using the diet compiler wrapper.  Th


matrixssl (1.8.8-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * new upstream version.
    * disable renegotiation (CVE-2009-3555).
  * debian/diff/0001-don-t-define-USE_MULTITHREADING-with-diet-libc.diff:
    remove; multithreading is now disabled by default.
  * debian/rules: no longer apply 0001-don-t-define-...diff.
  * debian/control: libmatrixssl-dev: Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}.
  * debian/rules: libmatrixss


This package was debianized by Gerrit Pape <> on
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 12:33:47 +0000

It was downloaded from

Upstream Author: PeerSec Networks LLC <>


This package is Copyright (c) PeerSec Networks, 2002-2005, and may be copied
according to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 2.

The full text of the GPL can be found 

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Download libmatrixssl1.8-dev_1.8.8-1_powerpc.deb

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