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Portable Tools Library

This package contains the shared version of the library PTLib, which is a moderately large class library that has its genesis many years ago as a method to produce applications to run on both Microsoft Windows and Unix X-Window systems.

This package also contains all the current PTLib plugins (alsa, oss, v4l2, and v4l).

Package version:2.6.7-1


ptlib on Debian

ptlib-config is not distributed, as pkg-config is now used.

DC and AVC plugins are not distributed anymore, since they do not
compile anymore with current version of libraw1394 and libdc1394 and
libavc1394 debian dependency packages.

For any help or comments, please contact Debian VoIP Team at

 -- Eugen Dedu <Eugen.


ptlib (2.6.7-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Mark Purcell]
  * New upstream release 
    - NEW package libpt2.6.7 - soname bump
    - Fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (Closes: #545948)
  * Constrain debian/watch to just track 2.6 series (Lalande release)
    - Move to svn://
  * Switch to dh (7) - drop cdbs
  * Depreciate libptX.X.X-plugins -> libptX.X.X


This is the Debian GNU/Linux packaged version of PTLib.

The author of this software is Equivalence Pty. Ltd.

Original packaging for Debian by
	Raphael Bossek <>
Heavily modified by
	Santiago Garcia Mantinan <>
Further modified by
        Tim Johann <>
        Kilian Krause <>
Currently mantained by
	Debian VoIP Team <p

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Download libpt2.6.7_2.6.7-1_powerpc.deb

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