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POP3 mail retriever

mpop is a fast and simple fetchmail replacement to retrieve mail from POP3 servers. Its main features are header based mail filtering, multiple authentication methods, TLS encrypted connections or delivery.

There are a few things mpop can do that fetchmail can't or that it does better: - mpop never ever tries to parse mail information except for the envelope-from address, which is the bare minimum that it has to do. - mpop never ever alters mail messages except for adding a "Received" header, which is the bare minimum that it has to do. - mpop uses several techniques (including pipelining) to reduce the POP3 protocol overhead. It is therefore much faster than fetchmail. - By default, mpop stores the mail UIDs (unique ids) in one file per account. You can poll different mail accounts in parallel. - The progress output is nicer ;-) - You can pipe the headers of a mail through a filter that decides if the mail should be downloaded, skipped, or deleted. This allows one to delete junk mail from a POP3 server without downloading the entire message. - mpop can deliver mails directly to mbox and maildir mail folders.

This package is compiled with GSASL and TLS/SSL support.

Package version:1.0.27-1


mpop retrieves mails from POP3 mailboxes.

Features include:
- Fast POP3 implementation using command pipelining.
- Header based mail filtering: filter junk mail before downloading it.
- Delivery to mbox files, maildir folders, or a mail delivery agent (MDA).
  Delivery with SMTP is possible by using an appropriate MDA, for example
- Support for multiple POP3 accounts.
- Authentication me


GNOME keyring usage (mpop-gnome):

To manage the mpop accounts settings into the GNOME keyring a python
script is available: /usr/share/doc/mpop-gnome/scripts/

It needs the following package to be present on your system: python-gnomekeyring

(This package should be installed as a « Recommends »)

This tool permits one to list, edit, modify, de


Version 1.0.27:
- No significant changes.

Version 1.0.26:
- No significant changes.

Version 1.0.25:
- DIGEST-MD5 authentication is not considered secure any longer. See RFC 6331.

Version 1.0.24:
- The build system was updated, and as a consequence some options to the
  configure script have changed. See './configure --help'.
- The license of the manual was changed from the GNU FDL to a very sim


MPOP(1)                                                      MPOP(1)

       mpop - A POP3 cl


mpop (1.0.27-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * Update Vcs-* fields
  * Bump Sta


Version 1.0.27:
- Update autotools files.
- Improve error message on connection failures in some IPv


Mpop was mostly written by Martin Lambers <>.
Individual source files may have diffe


Thanks go to:

- Dimitris Apostolou for the fast UID comparison algorithm, lots of good

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Download mpop_1.0.27-1_powerpc.deb

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