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Alternative C/C++ preprocessor

C/C++ preprocessor defines and expands macros and processes '#if', '#include' and some other directives.

mcpp is an alternative C/C++ preprocessor with the highest conformance. It supports multiple standards: K&R, ISO C90, ISO C99, and ISO C++98. mcpp is especially useful for debugging a source program which uses complicated macros and also useful for checking portability of a source.

Though mcpp could be built as a replacement of GCC's resident proprocessor or as a stand-alone program without using library build of mcpp, this package installs only a program named 'mcpp' which links shared library of mcpp and behaves independent from GCC.

Package version:2.7.2-1.1


<< What is MCPP >>

MCPP is a C/C++ preprocessor with the following features:

  1. Implements all of C90, C99 and C++98 features.  It has the highest
  2. Accompanies a validation suite to test the C/C++ preprocessors
    comprehensively.  When it is applied to the existing preprocessors,
    MCPP shows outstanding result.
  3. Has a variety of accurate diagnostic messages.  This


mcpp for Debian

This is a package made by the author of mcpp himself, referring to the
forerunning Debian's package made by NIIBE Yutaka.

 -- Kiyoshi Matsui <>, Sat, 07 Apr 2007 14:27:29 +0900


This file summarizes new major features of each MCPP release.  (kmatsui)

MCPP V.2.7.2 (2008/11)

1. This is a bug-fixed version of V.2.7.1, fixing several bugs of the
    previous release.

2. Enabled some CPU-specific predefined macros in compiler-independent-
    build as well as compiler-specific-build.

MCPP V.2.7.1 (2008/05)

1. This is a bug-fixed version of V.2.7, fixing several bugs of t


MCPP(1)                     User Commands                    MCPP(1)

       mcpp - Matsui CP


mcpp (2.7.2-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.

 -- Cleto Martin Angelina <cleto


ChangeLog of MCPP and its accompanying Validation Suite

2008/11/30  kmatsui
        * V.2.7.2


This package was debianized by Kiyoshi Matsui <> on
Mon, 24 Mar 2008 00:49:32 +0

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