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DB-All.e C development library for weather research

DB-All.e is a fast on-disk database where meteorological observed and forecast data can be stored, searched, retrieved and updated.

The Debian packaging of DB-All.e includes all the features of the libraries, but any subset can be used without interference from other subsets. It is also possible to rebuild the library to include only those features that are needed.

Features provided:

* Unit conversion * Handling of physical variables * Encoding and decoding of BUFR and CREX reports from: * fixed land and sea stations, like synops and buoys * mobile stations: ships, airplanes * soundings: temp, pilot * METAR reports * Satellite strides (decode only) * Decoding of AOF reports * Interpretation of weather reports as physical data precisely located in space and time, and encoding of physical data into weather reports. * Smart on-disk database for observed and forecast weather data based on physical principles, built to support operations such as quality control, data thinning, correlation of data from mixed sources

Package version:5.18-1


dballe (5.18-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
     - 1:255:12 and 1:255:14 now recognised as ships
     - fixed AIX-compatibility intexp10 in pollution importers/exporters
     - help swig pattern match Varcode lists correctly, so that Python
       bindings now work also for attribute management
  * Added Vcs-Svn header
  * Updated standards-version, no changes needed

 -- Enric



	* Version 4.0.4
	* Store rep_cod information in generic messages


	* Allow to create messages without having to set leveltype2 and l2 if
	  not needed


	* Implemented working with messages with the Fortran API


	* Refactored the code for the Fortran API



This package was debianized by Enrico Zini <> on
Tue Mar 15 11:02:21 CET 2005.

Home page:

Upstream Author: Enrico Zini <>

Copyright (C) 2005,2006 ARPA-SIM <>


This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2,
which can be found at /usr/share/common-license

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