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library for performing operations on matrices and vectors

Meschach is a library of routines written in C for matrix computations. These include operations for basic numerical linear algebra; routines for matrix factorisations; solving systems of equations; solving least squares problems; computing eigenvalues, eigenvectors and singular values;sparse matrix computations including both direct and iterative methods. This package makes use of the features of the C programming language: data structures, dynamic memory allocation and deallocation, pointers, functions as parameters and objects. Meschach has a number of self-contained data structures for matrices, vectors and other mathematical objects. Web site:
Package version:1.2b-13


meschach (1.2b-13) unstable; urgency=low

  * Standardise package names to normal forms libmeschach-dev and
    libmeschach1. Motivated by libc6 2.5 change of long double from
    64 bit to 124 bit, which requires renaming of library packages
    using long double. I think meschach support for long double was not
    fully completed, but using this opportunity to bring the package naming
    in li


Debian package of the meschach library.
Source obtained from : 

Verbatim copyright from original source follows:

** Copyright (C) 1993 David E. Steward & Zbigniew Leyk, all rights reserved.
**			     Meschach Library
** This Meschach Library is provided "

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