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Plotting program, reads stdin, allows interactive zooming

Accepts data files or stdin in a form similar to the unix program graph and displays line graphs, scatter plots, or bar charts on an X11 display. Fully annotated with title, axis numbering and labels, and legend. Zooming with the mouse is supported. Can generate hardcopy output to Postscript printers and HPGL plotters. Output can be directly pasted into idraw (drawtool) for further annotation. Particularly useful in shell scripts. Also see "ygraph" which is a similar tool using an attractive albeit slower modern graphics library, which is under active maintenance and development.
Package version:12.1-16


xgraph 12.1

distributed by the VINT project

Welcome to the VINT release of xgraph.
Xgraph is an X-Windows application that includes:

  - interactive plotting and graphing, by David Harrison of UC Berkeley
  - animation and deritives, added by Paul Walker of NCSA
  - portability and bug fixes, by the VINT project



A new version of xgraph is now available.  Xgraph is a popular
two-dimensional plotting program that accepts data in a form similar
to the unix program graph and displays line graphs, scatter plots, or
bar charts on an X11 display.  These graphs are fully annotated with a
title, axis numbering and labels, and a legend.  Zooming in on regions
of a graph is supported.  The program can automatically


This directory contains source for the X11 version of xgraph,  a
two-dimensional data plotting program.  Those familar with the X10
version of this program will find that is completely compatible.
However,  there are a few important notes and changes you should
be aware of:

1. The program was developed and tested on X11 release 3 on a
   color VAXstation GPX and on a color DECstation 3100.  It s


 * Hardcopy Interface for Xgraph
 * Major differences from first version:
 *   A flags argumen


This file contains instructions for building the X11 version of xgraph.
When unpacked,  the source 


This code is essentially XGraph release 11.4, with some modifications
which were made for use by the


XGRAPH(1)                                                  XGRAPH(1)

       xgraph - Draw a 


xgraph (12.1-16) unstable; urgency=low

  * bump to dh9
  * bump policy version
  * remove unnecessa

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