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ARC dynamic runtime environment installation

The NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and support of the free Grid middleware, known as the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC).

For grid computing, a major challenge is to keep the working environments homogeneous between the sites. To help this situation, runtime environments have been developed. Those can be added to or removed from a site, and this Janitor service helps automating this process.

The Janitor is a recent development and the community to prepare catalogues of dynamically installable packages still needs to evolve.

Package version:1.1.0~rc6-2.1


Welcome to ARC's Dynamic Runtime Environments

This folder contains all the sources that are required to run the
Janitor and the Catalog in conjunction with a local NorduGrid server
installation. Also presented are those files that present the Catalog
to the web. All executables can also be tested independently, i.e., as
for particular interest to thos


This folder collects files associated with the Catalog component. In this
first implementation, the Catalog is an RDF file edited with the Prot�g�
graphical RDF editor. It is downloadable from

knowarc.pprj	- Prot�g� project file - to be loaded from within the editor
knowarc.rdf	- exported RDF
knowarc.rdfs	- RDF schema for the runtime environments


This folder collects files associated with the configuration
of the Janitor.

arc.conf - The [Janitor] block for the arc config file
log.conf - Specification of the logging library log4perl


JANITOR(8)        NorduGrid System Managers Manual        JANITOR(8)

       janitor - ARC Dy


nordugrid-arc-nox (1.1.0~rc6-2.1) unstable; urgency=high

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * CVE-2010-33


This package was debianized by Anders Wäänänen <>
on Wed, 09 Dec 2009 11:06:54 +01

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Download nordugrid-arc-nox-janitor_1.1.0~rc6-2.1_s390.deb

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