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Python support for PLplot, a plotting library

PLplot is relatively small, portable, freely distributable, and is rich enough to satisfy most users. It has a wide range of plot types including line (linear, log), contour, 3D, fill, and almost 1000 characters (including Greek and mathematical) in its extended font set. The package is designed to make it easy to quickly get graphical output; only a handful of function calls is typically required. For more advanced use, virtually all aspects of plotting are configurable.

This package contains the library for gluing the PLplot scientific plotting library into Python applications. Examples are also provided.

Package version:5.9.5-4


N.B. This logo production example is not considered to be one of the 
standard examples because it has been excessively fine-tuned, and may
be subject to further fine-tuning (which we do not want to keep propagating
to all the rest of the languages).

To produce an SVG form of the logo with -dev svg (which is the device which has been explicitly tuned for) execute (only in the insta


The Status of the Python Examples

For details of how we build PLplot access from Python please consult
../../bindings/python/README.pythonbuild.  The principal module is This make all the common PLplot API available to python in a
user-friendly way. wraps the swig-generated which in
turn wraps the _plplotc extension module (built with the aid of swig). The


We have implemented a number of simple python standalone scripts to test for
rendering issues with our PLplot device drivers.

N.B. these tests should not be propagated to other languages.  python is
ideal for rapid development and evaluation.  Given this, it is expected
these tests will change substantially over time and more tests will be
added. Thus, propagating those expected changes to other 

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