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A large Finnish dictionary for Ispell

This is a large version of the Finnish dictionary, to be used with ispell to check and correct spelling in Finnish texts.

Since Ispell is not really good at spell checking the kind of languages such as Finnish, this dictionary may not be as useful as the dictionaries for other languages.

This dictionary recognizes over 6 million words and word forms. Ispell requires about 19 megabytes of memory when using this dictionary. Most users may find it more worthwhile to use either the ifinnish package or the ifinnish-small package. However, there are cases where the size of this dictionary is definitely a good thing.

Package version:0.7-18


            ispell-fi: Finnish spell checking dictionary for ispell
Version 0.7 (3rd of September 2000)

    by Martin Vermeer <> and
    Pauli Virtanen <>
   This project aims at creating affix and dictionary files to allow


ispell-fi (0.7-18) unstable; urgency=low

  * Package orphaned.

 -- Kalle Kivimaa <>  Tue, 06 Sep 2011 08:00:00 +0200

ispell-fi (0.7-17.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * post{inst,rm}.myspell-fi: Disable unconditional call of
    useless and soon to not be shipped update-openoffice-dicts
    (Closes: #619269).
  * debian/control: Rebuild against newer ispe


** This is version 0.7 (3rd of September 2000)

Added many flagged words to the dictionary (i.e. Used more
the affix compression capabilities). This caused a massive
increase in the number of recognized words and at the same
time decreased the size of the hash file, increased speed
and reduced memory requirements.

Statistics: 6678677 - 756588 words are recognized, of which 6600334 - 678245


This package was Debianized by Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <>
from original source files ob

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