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chiark system administration utilities

This package contains a number of small administration scripts used by and other systems belonging to the Sinister Greenend Organisation. Currently featuring only:

with-lock-ex: a simple tool for acquiring a lockfile before running another program or script.

summer: a tool for reporting complete details about a filesystem tree in a parseable format, including checksums.

xbatmon-simple: a very simple X client for displaying battery charge status.

watershed: a utility for saving on superfluous executions of an idempotent command. (This is the same utility as shipped separately in Ubuntu's udev, but with slightly different defaults and a different install location.)

rcopy-repeatedly: a utility for repeatedly copying a file from one host to another, to keep a copy constantly up to date.

summer and watershed require the installation of the Recommended crypto libraries; xbatmon-simple needs the Suggested X libraries.

Package version:4.2.0


WITH-LOCK-EX(1)           Chiark-utils-bin           WITH-LOCK-EX(1)

       with-lock-ex - file locker

       with-lock-ex -w|-q|-f lockfile command args ...

       with-lock-ex  will open and lock the lockfile for writing and
       then feed the remainder of its  arguments  to  exec(2);  when
       that  process  terminates  the fd will be closed and the file


chiark-utils (4.2.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rename `xacpi-simple' to `xbatmon-simple':
    - rename source file
    - change program name in Makefiles, .gitignore, rules, etc.
    - change program's idea of its own name for usage message
    - look for X resources under both old ane new names
    - provide a compatibility symlink (using dh_link)

 -- Ian Jackson <


This package contains some the utilities from Ian Jackson's private
system `'.

This package, containing the moderately portable sources and Debian
packaging information, and the resulting Debian binary packages, was
put together by Ian, but with assistance from other chiark users.  For
both upstream and Debian packaging questions, please contact

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