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Python based plotting system (debug extension)

Matplotlib is a pure Python plotting library designed to bring publication quality plotting to Python with a syntax familiar to Matlab users. All of the plotting commands in the pylab interface can be accessed either via a functional interface familiar to Matlab users or an object oriented interface familiar to Python users.

This package contains the debug extension for python-matplotlib.

Package version:1.1.1~rc2-1


matplotlib ( experimental; urgency=low

  With this release, we are setting the default backend for matplotlib to
  'TkAgg', the lower level of backend suggested by upstream.

  You can find documentation about changing the backend in the file:


  Another change introduced is the removal of 'dvipng' from automatic
  installation. The n


matplotlib (1.1.1~rc2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release candidate
  * debian/control
    - remove some unnecessary build-depends; thanks to Michael Droettboom from
      upstream for the review of the b-d packages list
    - remove Qt3 dependencies, not required since a long time, easying Qt3
      removal from Debian; thanks to Ana Guerrero for report; Closes: #673399
    - add p


2012-04-06 When path clipping changes a LINETO to a MOVETO, it also
           changes any CLOSEPOLY command to a LINETO to the initial
           point. This fixes a problem with pdf and svg where the
           CLOSEPOLY would then draw a line to the latest MOVETO
           position instead of the intended initial position. - JKS

2012-01-23 The radius labels in polar plots no longer use a fixe


This package was debianized by Vittorio Palmisano <> on
Sun, 24 Sep 2006 12:12:29

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