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Battery monitor for GNUstep
(batmon.app_0.6-1_s390x.deb, 40.18 KB)
GNUstep application for digital still cameras
(camera.app_0.8.0-9_s390x.deb, 31.55 KB)
Vector graphics tool for GNUstep
(cenon.app_3.93-1.2_s390x.deb, 1.75 MB)
File transfer protocol application for GNUstep
(ftp.app_0.3-1_s390x.deb, 64.15 KB)
GNUstep Base library - daemons and tools
(gnustep-base-runtime_1.22.1-4_s390x.deb, 230.08 KB)
Common files for the core GNUstep environment
(gnustep-common_2.6.2-2_s390x.deb, 116.05 KB)
GNUstep example applications
(gnustep-examples_1.3.0-1_s390x.deb, 265.75 KB)
Extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep
(gomoku.app_1.2.9-1_s390x.deb, 95.83 KB)
Visual Interface Builder for GNUstep
(gorm.app_1.2.16-1_s390x.deb, 1.68 MB)
RSS reader for GNUstep
(grr.app_0.9.0-1_s390x.deb, 207.29 KB)
Online help viewer for GNUstep programs
(helpviewer.app_0.3-7_s390x.deb, 194.65 KB)
Another mixer application designed for WindowMaker
(mixer.app_1.8.0-5_s390x.deb, 23.23 KB)
Image filtering and manipulation using GNUstep
(price.app_1.1.0-1_s390x.deb, 168.02 KB)
IDE for GNUstep Development
(projectcenter.app_0.6.0-2_s390x.deb, 786.61 KB)
WindowMaker dockapp that shows your current weather
(wmweather_2.4.5-1_s390x.deb, 37.29 KB)
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