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an ftps KIO slave for KDE 4

An ftps KIO slave for KDE 4, based on rfc4217 and build upon the ftp KIO-slave sources. it should work yet with most server implementations. it issues an "AUTH TLS" command after connecting and refuses to continue, when it's not supported. in prior to every data channel io command ("STOR", "RETR", etc) it tries to secure the data channel via "PBSZ" and "PROT" commands. if that fails it will transfer data unencrypted. there is currently no support for ssl-certificates. this might be added on demand.
Package version:0.2+dfsg-2


kio-ftps 0.2, Magnus Kulke 2008, licensed under GPL Version 2 or later.

This kio slave implements the ftp encryption scheme called ftps, based on 
rfc 4217. The slave tries to use all the encryption the server offers.

It currently supports: 

- Control channel encryption.
- Encrypted PASV data transfers.

It still lacks: 

- Authentification via client certificate.
- Encrypted PORT data transfer


kio-ftps (0.2+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * [e286470] Set Debian KDE Extras Team in Maintainer field and myself in
    Uploaders field.
  * [41a3ec6] Bump Format-Specification to DEP-5 revision 59.
  * [d4e80f0] Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
  * [c93f66d] Remove debian/docs.
  * [731803a] Add Vcs-* to point to the new Git repository.
  * [5eb93c5] Update patch.

 -- Laurent LĂ©onard <laure


Name: kio-ftps
Maintainer: Magnus Kulke <>

The original upstream source was repackaged to remove the rfc4217.txt
documentation file, which was not distributed under a DFSG-free licence.
All *~ files were also removed.

Files: *

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