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text-based genealogy software

LifeLines is a genealogy program that runs on UNIX systems in text mode. It maintains genealogical records (persons, families, sources, events and others) in a database, and generates reports from those records.

There are no practical limits on the number of records that can be stored in a LifeLines database, nor on the amounts or kinds of data that can be kept in the records.

LifeLines does not contain built-in reports. Instead it provides a programming subsystem that you use to program your own reports and charts. Some standard report files are included in the lifelines-reports package.

The programming subsystem also lets you query your databases and process your data in any way. LifeLines uses the terminal independent features of UNIX to provide a screen and menu based user interface.

The program is able to read and write GEDCOM files, the de facto standard for genealogical data exchange.

Package version:3.0.61-2


LifeLines Source Release, Version 3.0.61

This is the source distribution of the LifeLines system, a genealogy
software system.  To build and install LifeLines, please refer to
the installation instructions located in the INSTALL file.

GUI Versions of LifeLines for Windows and UNIX/GNOME are


Basic Installation

   These are generic installation instructions.

   The `configure' shell script attempts to guess correct values for
various system-dependent variables used during compilation.  It uses
those values to create a `Makefile' in each directory of the package.
It may also create one or more `.h' files containing system-dependent
definitions.  Finally, it creates 


Table of Contents

1) Required software
2) automake/autoconf notes
3) which does what
4) building code


1) Software required for developers:

In order to compile lifelines from the cvs sources,
the developer needs to have a number of tools available.

make: build process requires gmake
autotools suite: both autoconf and automake (which in turn 
     require the m4 macr


This package is provided as given by the upstream authors, only
slight modifications to include it p


Lifelines was gettextized in Feb of 2002.
lifelines-3.0.12 was submitted to Free Translation Project


LifeLines Source Release, Version 3.0.54


These instructions are for building a new lifelines 
release, in your cvs working directory, and act


To make rpms as a regular (non-root) users,
you need to have the rpm program installed
on your syste

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Download lifelines_3.0.61-2_s390x.deb

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