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functional programming language for realtime audio applications

Faust is a functional programming language specifically designed for realtime audio applications and plugins. The syntax of the language is block diagram oriented. The faust compiler translate signal processing specifications into optimized C++ code for signal processing applications.

The generated code can be wrapped into an 'architecture file' in order to create for example a standalone jack/gtk application. Several architecture file are provided and additional ones are fairly easy to add.

Package version:0.9.46-2


Compilation on OSX With Xcode

� The VSTSDK folder from the VST SDK has to be copied at the same level of the VST.xcode project (either manually or using the makefile)

� To compile a Faust VST plug-in:

	- use the vst.cpp architecture file in the faust command line and produce a vst-output.cpp file: faust -a vst.cpp foo.dsp -o vst-output.cpp

	- build the VST.xcode 


	 		FAUST : a programming language for
	 		  audio applications and plugins
	 Grame, Centre National de Creation Musicale

1/ Introduction
FAUST (Functional Audio Stream) is a functional programming
language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and
synthesis. A distinctive characteristic of FAUST is to be fully


This folder contains several examples of Faust programs as well as
Makefiles to compile them for various audio architectures. 

	cd examples
	make help 

will give you the main targets

Compilation of MAX/MSP externals on OSX

� Compilation of all .dsp files to produce MAX/MSP externals on OSX can be done using the Makefile

	- edit the Makefile.mspcompile 


faust (0.9.46-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix "ftbfs with GCC-4.7":
    - debian/patches/unistd: I


This package was debianized by Mario Lang <> on
Tue,  6 Jul 2005 12:44:44 +0200.


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