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node builder library for OpenGL-based Doom-style games

glBSP is a node builder specially designed to be used with OpenGL ports of the DOOM game engine. It adheres to the "GL-Friendly Nodes" specification, which means it adds some new special nodes to a WAD file that makes it very easy (and fast!) for an OpenGL DOOM engine to compute the polygons needed for drawing the levels.

There are many DOOM ports that understand the GL Nodes which glBSP creates, including EDGE, the Doomsday engine (JDOOM), Doom3D, PrBoom, and Vavoom.

Package version:2.24-1


glbsp (2.24-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Bumped the lib soname and the library package name due to one silly
    little binary incompatibility caused by changes in an exported struct.
    (Safe; nothing else currently in the archive has ever used libglbsp2.)
  * Removed my patches since they're all applied upstream.
  * Updated the list of documentation files.
  * Build-



Changes in V2.24  (26th July 2007)

 - level name detection: allow some variation in the order of
   the level lumps (thanks to Darren Salt for the patch).

 - fixed potential crash passing NULL to the SetErrorMsg()
   function (it depended on the compiler).

 - avoid some potential buffer overflows in printf calls.

 - abbreviations for mos


This package was debianized by Darren Salt <> on
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 16:56:50 +0000.

It was downloaded from

Upstream Author: Andrew Apted <>

  Based on BSP 2.3, (C) Colin Reed and Lee Killough, which was created from
  the basic theory stated in DEU5 (OBJECTS.C) by Raphael Quinet.

  The GUI version (glBSPX

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