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script driven business graphics package

Ploticus is script-driven, which makes it suitable for automated, unattended uses, or for applications that will be run again and again. In general, ploticus is good at making graphs like you would see in newspapers and news magazines, business publications, journals for medical and social sciences, and so on.

Ploticus is not a function or mathematical plotting package like gnuplot, nor would it be a good choice for applications where mathematical formulas or scientific notations are to be rendered as an integral part of the data display. Ploticus is also not intended as a "marketing" graphics package. Its goal is to display data crisply without extra decoration and distracting "dingbats" that cloud the picture.

Ploticus supports a wide range of output options, including jpeg (Joint Photographics Experts Group format), png (Portable Network Graphics format), svg (Simple Vector Graphics), bmp (Microsoft BitMaP), ps (PostScript), swf (Flash), and X11.

Package version:2.41-3+b1


ploticus for Debian

The prefabs (templates for some common chart types) are installed
in /usr/share/ploticus.

In Debian, the ploticus binary is /usr/bin/ploticus.  Upstream
calls it pl, but there is a conflict with a package already part
of Debian, so this could not be used.

No support for any .gif format is provided in Debian.  Support
is offered for .ps, .eps, .svg, .svgz,


This directory contains a set of script examples as well as scripts to 
run prefab examples.

It is assumed that pl (pl.exe on win32) is in your command PATH or else 
copied into this directory.

To run the script examples, type: 	run_script_test

  (windows users can try: run_script_test.bat  from an MSDOS window)

   To erase all results, type: make clean

   To view 


// ploticus data display engine.  Software, documentation, and examples.  
// Copyright 1998-2002 Stephen C. Grubb  (
// Covered by GPL; see the file 'Copyright' for details. 

This directory contains files needed for ploticus -prefab operation.

See pltestsuite to run examples.

If you're looking for simple examples that demonstrate ploticus this pr


ploticus(1)                                              ploticus(1)

       ploticus - data


ploticus (2.41-3+b1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for sparc; no sour


This package was debianized by Colin Tuckley <> on
Sat, 03 June 2006 15:28:51 +0100

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