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UPnP Mediaserver

gMediaServer is a server for UPnP media players like the Netgear MP101, Linksys WMLS11B etc. It exports one or more directories using the UPnP protocol so the mediaserver can browse through them and play audio or video files.
Package version:0.13.0-8


gMediaServer for Debian

This UPnP Media Server is designed to be run by any non-root user.
Alternatively, gMediaServer can be started at boot time by editing
/etc/default/gmediaserver, setting GMEDIASERVERRUN to yes and setting
GMEDIASERVERDIR to the directory where the content is stored. Just keep
in mind that in this case gMediaServer is started as user nobody. 


GMediaServer - Introduction

GMediaServer is a UPnP compatible media server for the GNU system. It is
part of the GNU project.

GMediaServer serves audio and video files to certain network connected
media players. Most hardware media players only play music and/or
video--they don't provide the media themselves. Those media files have
to come from a device on the network


2007-11-10: GMediaServer 0.13.0 released.
  This project is looking for a new maintainer!
    Unfortunately I have found it more and more difficult to find time and
    motivation to continue working on this project. If anyone is interesting
    taking over development and support for GMediaServer on Savannah, please
    let me know!
  Link libmagic with zlib optionally.
  Link libupnp with pthrea


GMEDIASERVER(1)                                      GMEDIASERVER(1)

       GMediaServer - A


gmediaserver (0.13.0-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update to Standards version 3.9.3
  * Get rid of 


#add djmount to toplist of supported devices in README, index.html
look into (1.6.1 or 


This package was debianized by Jochen Friedrich <> on
Sat, 16 Jul 2005 10:07:59 +0200

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