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OCaml bindings for PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression)

This OCaml-library interfaces the PCRE (Perl-compatibility regular expressions) C library. it can be used for matching regular expressions which are written in Perl style.

Compared with the OCaml standard library "Str" module, this library: * uses Perl style rather than Emacs one * is reentrant and thus thread safe * is faster (when compiled to native code is even faster than Perl regular expressions) * returns data on which you can safely use destructive updates * gives more "programming confort" through a better API

This package contains all the development stuff you need to use OCaml PCRE in your programs.

Package version:6.0.1-3


  - About the examples
    Examples' Makefiles are built using OcamlMakefile and thus
    depend on it, to build them install the ocaml-tools package
    that contains OcamlMakefile and change the OCAMLMAKEFILE
    variable defined in the various Makefiles making it point to

    E.g.  OCAMLMAKEFILE = /usr/share/ocaml-tools/OcamlMakefile

-- Stefano 


                         README: library "PCRE-OCaml"
                  Copyright   (C)   2008  Markus Mottl (1)  
                          Vienna, November 29, 2008

1  Directory c


This program reads C-sources from stdin and prints them to stdout with
comments and empty lines removed. - A very primitive way of counting LOCs.


This program reads in text from stdin, counts all equal words that are
separated by whitespace and p


Start the program with argument "-help" to see what it does!


Start the program with argument "-help" to see what it does!

Example invocation:

subst '([Tt])ermc


pcre-ocaml (6.0.1-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ St├ęphane Glondu ]
  * Fix generation of documentati


2009-06-20:  Fixed bug in configuration functions that could lead to a segfault.


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