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Open Source DEM Particle Simulation Software.

LIGGGHTS stands for LAMMPS improved for general granular and granular heat transfer simulations.

LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics simulator. It is widely used in the field of Molecular Dynamics. Thanks to physical and algorithmic analogies, LAMMPS is a very good platform for DEM simulations. LAMMPS offers a GRANULAR package to perform these kind of simulations. LIGGGHTS aims to improve those capability with the goal to apply it to industrial applications. Development version.

Package version:1.5.3-1


create a DVI file for any LaTeX eq file

latex angle_class2


LAMMPS example problems

Each of these sub-directories contains a sample problem you can run
with LAMMPS.  Most are 2d models so that they run quickly, requiring a
few seconds to a few minutes to run on a desktop machine.  Each
problem has an input script (in.*) and produces a log file (log.*) and
dump file (dump.*) when it runs.  Some use a data file (data.*) of
initial coordinates as additional 


ATC (Atom To Continuum methods)

Reese Jones, Jeremy Templeton, Jonathan Zimmerman
September 2009


This directory contains examples run using the AtC library in LAMMPS
in its various coupling and post-processing modes.  Descriptions of
the files in each are provided below. In addition to the included
output these examples will "dump" mesh-based data either in bin


LAMMPS cmm-cg example problems

Each of these sub-directories contains a sample problem for the CMM



Interactive MD example files using the fix imd command

To run the demos, first start the LAMMPS sim


This directory has a C and C++ code that shows how LAMMPS can be
linked to a driver application as a


If you get bogus, large energies on timestep 0 when you run this
example in.peptide, you likely have


run this example as:

mpirun -np 4 lmp_linux -partition 4x1 -in in.prd

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